Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment Essays

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Pollution is the introduction of a harmful material to any environment. This can be natural or produced by mankind. Some examples of natural pollutants may be the wastes of all animals, insects and birds, also mud, volcanic ash, etc. On the other hand we have the pollution created by humans.

This is the one that has affected the environment in enormous ways, polluting not only the environment, but also ecosystems to, extinguishing tons of animals per minute, destroying land every were they need to place humans. On the pass couple of decades we have been polluting earth in ways that are not coherent. Saying that the intensity of the sun lightings weren’t strong as they are know, producing diseases like skin cancer. Then we can see also the contamination of the rivers all over the world. This is due to the massive corporations that prefer to throw all their wastes into rivers, rather than process them and treat garbage in a correct and ecological way. Another example is the pollution and devastation in the land. Since the world is in an overpopulation we have the necessity of expand in any territory we can use it to live, not even in sustainable conditions, just to have a place were to live. This causes a wear and tear of the land, making it erode an lose its fertility, letting us with no more green areas, dooming us to only see gray areas all over the world. Then we have the air pollution. This one in particular, is the one that has been more notorious in big cities and in…

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