Essay on Politics, Politics And Rhetoric

1034 Words May 5th, 2016 5 Pages
The rise of populism combined with the power of the media both main stream and social have ensured that the parties have lost control of the national debate as well as the other congressional candidates and issues. In past years it has seemed like candidates are selected by the parties through a “rigged system”, meaning that the Democratic and Republican parties already have in mind those candidates who they want to endorse. This year the parties have lost control of the election process. This is due to populist candidates coming from outside the traditional party system, which is “a style of politics and rhetoric that seeks to arouse a majority or at least what their leader believes is a majority” (Crick, 77).
The media has been focusing only on presidential candidates during this election because of the rise of the populists and the news value of such an unusual campaign. Usually the media talks about the candidates for presidency in addition to talking about the other positions in government that is up for vote such as Senate and congress. The reason that the media is not covering anything but the presidential candidates is because the two populist candidates are doing so well in the election. It is unusual for an outsider to advance this far in a race for presidency. The two outsiders Trump and Bernie have came into the race and they are not using the typical platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties. This is how they grab the attention of the media, they say…

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