Essay on Police Service 's Body Cameras

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Police Body Cameras
With technology and media rapidly gaining popularity in society, law enforcement has received the short end of the stick. With every move of a police officer, there is always a cell phone recording in the distance of the occurrence of events. Within the time period of 2 minutes that video can easily be uploaded for the world to see, whether it is pro-police or criticising police for how they are carrying out their duty. Unfortunately, there is plenty of bias and ignorance in these criticisms. Officers in the Primary Response Units at 43 and 55 Divisions, Traffic Services and TAVIS Rapid Response Teams, approximately 100 officers, have begun testing three pieces of equipment, as part of Toronto Police Service 's body-worn camera pilot project. This pilot project will be in place for one year, after the completion, Toronto Police service will evaluate the results and make recommendations for the hierarchy of the service. Body cameras are being used more frequently in The United States because of past events. If Toronto decides to make body cameras mandatory for all officers, there becomes a great chance that many Canadian services will support and adopt.
There are many different advantages to endorsing body cameras into everyday policing patrols. With recent events of the “Black Lives Matter” movement there has been plenty unnecessary violence against law enforcement. With the approval and use of police body…

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