Police Policies And The Criminal Justice Development Essay example

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Police are given the opportunity to form various outcomes in the criminal justice development (Kent & Regoeczi, 2013). Police policies let law enforcement to interfere with people over others, more invasively, based on area they live in or how they act or if the police gather information from a suspect due to their past with criminal activities (Miller, 2015). This permits them to be able to stop, search, detain and arrest any citizens because they are able to make decisions without being supervised and are comfortable with their position of control. This questions whether police are capable of using discretion at appropriate times especially when it has the potential to be used unfairly. Therefore, discretion is a required component of the system (Cihan & Wells, 2011). This study investigates the advantages and disadvantages of police discretion as well as how police discretion can be efficiently controlled.
Police policies are a guidance for officers to determine which people to detain or search as well as the decision about the sort of force to use, who to arrest and release (Miller, 2015). There are a set police policies which some laws are either enforced actively or passively. Even though the government allow the police to decide which of the law has been breached, there are limits that both the government and police can tolerate. The police go through a decision making process by deciding how serious the crime is, which requires the police’s attention and they…

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