Police Body Cameras : Should Law Enforcement Officers With Their Duties

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Will police body cameras really help improve the safety of the public and help law enforcement officers with their duties? Police Departments all over the United States are adding a new item to their belts; body cameras. These body cameras are supposed to record all interactions that a police officer has with another individual. This new technology is going to hopefully add a new pinch of justice to the people. The public will have evidence of the right and wrong doings of police officers. Many court cases have ended up in a flip lately because these body cameras are capturing the real live story. Did the police officer make the right decision or are they caught in the middle of a crime where they are the real criminal? In the article “Police Body Cameras: Should law enforcement agents wear body cameras?” it explores the pros and cons of body cameras, as well as real life stories that have occurred in the public. This article carries valid evidence that police body cameras have both positive and negative effects to not only the public, but the police officers that are wearing them. Body cameras are making police officers accountable for all of their actions. Incidents are occurring all over the United States regarding footage and the privacy of the public. As agencies are diving further into body cameras, laws are being made to make it mandatory that all officers wear these cameras at all times. Crime rates have gone down, but police brutality has increased over the past…

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