Essay on Poetry Explication

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Feb. 18th, 2009
Poetry Explication
Matt Skiba’s song “Blue In The Face”, performed by Alkaline Trio in 2003, is written in a first person narrative directed towards a former lover. Skiba uses dark connotations and satanic allusions to portray his emotions and describe the various reasons he thinks she left that night, how he feels about the situation that happened and lastly that he wants her back.
Matt Skiba’s songs are synonymous with alcohol and drug abuse. Most of the time he uses them as an answer to a dating or life problem. This time the drugs, cocaine in particular, are the cause of the problem. His opening line starts with an alliteration and states, “It’s about time
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Skiba says “all that followed fell like mercury to hell.” The simile describes how the relationship went after that night. Like the fall of a great empire, the relationship “fell” as quickly as the temperature would drop when you entered hell. Then he says “we lost our heads for the last time,” which means that the relationship is over.
The last verse gives the impression that she introduced the drug to him when Skiba says, “Now I can’t dream since I quit sleeping and I haven’t slept since I met you.” He cannot sleep due to the coke and that started when he met her. He then refers to both of them as vampires (as he often does). Cocaine makes you stay up all night and sleep during the day, which are the same sleeping habits as a vampire. He continues the vampire theme with a play on an old pick-up line, “your place or mine?” but instead Skiba says “your coffin or mine?” The symbolism of the coffin in this situation refers to the bed that vampires sleep in. The denotation of this line is that she is a hypocrite because even though she does not do it as much she still does it enough that she could die from it so they might as well die together. Skiba obviously feels that they are still meant to be together and wants her back.
In this depressing break up song, Matt Skiba describes the self-loathing addict to a tee, which isn’t easy to do when you are one. He knows everything that he is doing to

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