Poetic Devices and Poems Essay

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By: William Meyer


• Poetic Devices Glossary

Poetic Devices Glossary
Irony: a difficult term to define can refer to a manner of expression or a quality in the thing perceived. In both cases, irony involves the perception of discrepancy, usually between apparent and real significance. It is an indirect way of communicating an attitude. Irony can vary in tone, from humorous to bitter. Example- Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge: “Water, water, every where, and all the boards did shrink; Water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink.”

Diction: choice of words. A writing style may vary according to the level of diction: formal or informal. Other terms to
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The Insomniac & The Drifter

I cannot fall asleep for the life of me
The energetic blue of my sheets
The lackluster pillow I sleep on
I notice every detail of my room, even in the abysmal darkness
The words in my head feel like a screeching train chugging by
I cannot fall asleep for the life of me

I cannot stay awake for the life of me
The peaceful green of my bed sheets seems to call out to me
The midnight oil burns, I have so much work to do
I try to catch myself, but I know that I won’t
The butterflies enter my thoughts, and I drift to sleep
I cannot stay awake for the life of me

Staring Out My Hotel Room

Staring longingly outside, wish I was well
See the palm trees sway and the waves crash
A beautiful day and it is with anger I swell
Feelings of exhilarations as I think about the fun I could be having
My heart races at the very thought of freedom
I covet all the healthy people on the sand and I think I’m going to make a dash
But alas I wouldn’t make it far because I’m sick on vacation

How Loud a Silent Classroom Is

At first you think it’s quiet
But if you listen carefully I think you’ll agree
All the clicks, ticks, and squeaks are far from being silent
And can really bother somebody like me.

Every second that you listen it seems to only worsen
There is a pause in the noise and it feels almost surreal
I feel like there is an empty room and I’m the only person
Noises resume louder than they ever were and I

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