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Prof. Seaton
Spring 2011 Perpetual Mercy Hospital (PMH) has succeeded in becoming one of the most financially independent hospitals of the “six general hospitals in the city and twenty in the county”. The hospital is publicly known for its excellence, yet PMH has become highly dependent on “inner-city residents…higher median age and higher incidence of Medicare coverage”. Their board of trustees concluded that an ambulatory facility in the downtown was needed based on their study. Incorporating the Downtown Health Clinic would be PMH’s service line strategy, which will assist in the following objectives: (1) expansion by hospital referrals, (2) higher privately insured patients referral, (3)
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One option is that the clinic can implement online scheduling solutions. With most people going online for many of their needs, it is logical that these individuals would seek the convenience and satisfaction of scheduling their doctors’ appointments online as well. Online scheduling can revolutionize the doctor-patient communications process by making it possible for doctors to automate the process of appointment scheduling, increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing human error.
The software used to schedule the appointments can also reduce chances of double entry by staff members. The system sends the patient a confirmation email once the appointment has been registered. This provides the patient a written record of the appointment. This confirmation email also allows each patient the option of adding it to their calendar, provided that the patient has Microsoft Outlook, for example. In addition, the software can send automated reminder emails and text messages to patients a week prior as well as the day before the scheduled appointment. This system combines the convenience that patients demand with the control that practices must maintain in its operations. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, this system provides benefits including reduced staff time and increased reliability and accuracy in record keeping,
The traditional procedures for scheduling and managing appointments

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