Pleasantville Essay

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Pleasantville Essay A lot can happen in sixty years, and America is no exception to that statement. It is arguable that one of the biggest differences regarding America in the 1950s to modern America is culture. The movie “Pleasantville” reflects much of these cultural differences from 1950s to today in a creative and thoughtful way. It also provides much useful insight into the cultural conflicts America faced throughout the 1950s. The many differences between 1950s culture and modern day culture, my own opinion which time period I would personally choose to live in and cultural conflicts of the 1950s will be discussed throughout this essay. There are many differences between the 1950s and modern day culture as illustrated by the …show more content…
People just are not in touch with reality due to this desensitization. More time is spent with inanimate objects with no emotion rather than animate objects with emotion. To provide my own insight onto which era I would rather live in, in my personal opinion, I would rather live in modern day culture. Technology, medicine, transportation and information is more readily available than in the 1950s. This provides for a better quality of life. In the 1950s you only had one television and one phone per household. Medicine was not as advanced as now; for example the polio vaccine was finally discovered in 1955. This shows there are more treatments available for today’s maladies which rather might have resulted in a death. The free and open internet allows for people to access libraries worth of information at the simple click of a button. An example of this “free information” is shown by the website Wikipedia. Additionally, people are more tolerant of one another; racial discrimination is not as big as it was in the 1950s. For example, it is illegal to discriminate against a person due to their race. This means that schools have to be desegregated, there are no separate drinking fountains for “colored people” and regardless of race you can sit anywhere on a bus you’d like to. There is more of an atmosphere of acceptance in today’s society. Finally, we do not have the “Red scare” and do not have to live every day in fear of

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