Plato 's Work On The Republic Essay

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Reading through both philosopher’s writings, it is imminent that the central idea of their writing implies that citizens of any state should preserve good, and act just and fair, and the rulers of the country (people in the higher authority) should also be abide by certain rules and regulations, keep themselves away from materialism, and treat their fellow-citizens in the same way. Both philosophers are equally inclined to the notion that it is the ultimate good that matters most in life and it has nothing to do with money, pleasure, and all sort of materialistic possessions. Till date, Plato’s work on The Republic is considered to be the third biggest work that encompasses the political and physical philosophy, and the ancient history of Athens. As one of the America’s greatest writers, some of Jefferson’s quotes from his inaugural address are still quoted in present days. His writing are well expressed, and consists of beautifully constructed thoughts.
Plato’s writings focuses on figuring out if human beings better off being just than unjust. Employing the study of a good city, he finds the ultimate justice as a virtue of a human being.
Even though his findings on what a good city is, are challenged multiple times, with strong arguments and supporting evidences, he has reached to an ultimate finding that a just city is good, and so is a just man.
In Plato’s Republic, we find the then prevailing societal status, one of which is the dominance of patriarchy…

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