Plato 's View On Equality Essay

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Equality by Default says that because the distinction between vital differences is eliminated, the world becomes homogeneous. Therefore, there is no longer a difference between men and women, nor humans and animals. Equality by Default explains that no one is, or can be, better than the other. Since everyone is equal because of debasement of others, “equality by default is an equality without honor.” [pg. 24] To be good has no meaning because everyone does what he or she pleases, with reasons beyond discussion. No man is considered better than the other, not even by honor or special circumstances. Plato sees reason and wisdom as a way to gain power; it is instrumental in allowing one to do as they wish, because they have the ability to argue why their actions are acceptable. Since reason is not being used for the greater Good of man but for personal achievement, this is contrary to the concept of reason and the Good. Plato also extends the Equality by Default definition as he demonstrates the difference between grateful reason and masterful reason.
Grateful reason allows one to give reason for their actions in a way that uplifts the himself and others, while masterful reason puts oneself in a higher level than others because of his exclusive knowledge. Plato’s theory of the allegory of the cave illustrates his leaning towards masterful reason. His reason is linked to a larger order. Using the allegory of the cave, Plato wants to show that the stages in the cave can be…

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