Essay on Pidgin Language

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Should Pidgin Language be implemented into the educational system?
When children are born into their culture they learn the native language (Pidgin) because that’s a way they can communicate with their parents and other people in their community. I believe if the education system accommodates people to utilize their languages in school it would help increase students learning abilities, higher test scores and less drop-outs rates. I believe that Pidgin language is real and it has been around for a very long time. "Pidgin (with a capital P) is the common way of referring to what linguists call Hawaii Creole, the Creole language that emerged on sugar plantations in Hawaii during the middle to late 19th and early 20th centuries
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I love anything that is challenging and different then my every day norm. "According to Sellers,”The colonialist agenda of discarding and supplanting students' mother tongues serves to impede the natural course of their socio-cognitive development, while simultaneously inflicting a lifelong spirit injury and psychological damage to [their] sense of self-worth, self reliance and pride (p1)."For example, when I visited Jamaica, Montego Bay in 2010, I was very intrigued by their language "Patwa." I was trying to communicate with the people of the country and I became very upset because I never knew this was a language of importance. I became depressed and irritable with myself, I didn't know what to do who to call, The people spoke English, but not very clear. I had to read their mouths, speak slowly and listen to every word that came from their mouths to understand and communicate effectively. I never thought about the Caribbean countries being so into their native languages, I only thought to learn French, Russian, Spanish and other languages because they were the Maine languages taught in school. In America, there are multicultural that exist and they are becoming known due to the increase in the population. (E.g. Hawaiians, Haitians, Jamaicans and Ghanaians). What I have learned about myself and this situation, which I need to do more research about any country

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