Physical Evidence And Forensic Science Essay examples

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Physical Evidence and Forensic Science
Physical evidence is defined as the material either full or partial that can prove, through scientific examination, that a crime is committed. It can be anything from a car to a microscopic object (Birzer & Roberson, 2011). This physical evidence should be collected, stored, examined and documented in a way that they do not lose their originality. The variety of physical evidence that can be collected at a crime investigation is infinite. Physical evidence can be classified through the type of crime, by its state, its composition, and nature of evidence. It is not always necessary that physical evidence is always visible to the eye and some of the most dominating physical evidence are visible through instrumentation.
Forensic science is the application of natural and physical science of the law, i.e. application of science to civil laws and criminal instances in the justice system. In a crime investigation there are two fundamental questions needed to be answered, what happened and who is behind it? Forensic science helps in providing these answers by identifying the unknown object, its usage and links with the crime scene (Bell, 2008). Now crime scenes can have various types of evidence. Some of them can be tested in forensic labs and some cannot be tested. Some of the testable evidence is listed below.
Each and every person has different and unique fingerprints which help in personal identification. There is friction…

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