Essay Physical Appearance Is More Important Than Health

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We live in a world where physical appearance is more important than health. Men and women look at magazines and TV commercials on a daily basis and they sadly compare themselves with models making them feel insecure and unconfident throughout their life. Looking at models or celebrities and feeling judged by society, they want to do whatever it takes to look like them causing damage to their bodies and health. Some people are blessed enough to have money and undergo plastic surgery to fix their insecurities, others are not that lucky. Because they think that the only solution they have available is to do extreme dieting or even more drastic measures such as throwing up the food, they are suffering from an illness called eating disorder.
Eating disorder is a disease that is very common in the United States and its growing in population every day. It is a very serious problem to the person’s health not only physically but also psychologically. Put yourself in their shoes for a second. Imagine this person waking up every day feeling insecure and scared of what others might think of her or him. Every time they look in the mirror all they see how “ugly, fat and a non-worthy person” they are. They have these major insecurities that they only think they know is how much weight they need to lose in order to be accepted in society. I can’t imagine having to deal with that on a daily basis. In order to be more knowledgeable about this illness, as a society we need to know what eating…

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