Photography As A Writer, An Installation Artist Essay

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For many visual artists, it is common knowledge that in order to gain popularity and to create a name for ones self they need to put themselves out there in the world for all to see. Whether they are a painter, a writer, an installation artist, or an actor they all require a pedestal to stand on and have their work be seen; for many the first steps on to the pedestal is by capturing their work through photography.

Today, photography is as easy as using the latest iPhone and the application Instagram – anyone can be a photographer and have their work quickly spread over the globe in this day and age which makes it increasingly difficult for those who are professional photographers. There are the current “instafamous” and “fitspo” bloggers that take a self-portrait (now known as the more popular term “selfie”), then spend around five to ten minutes whitening their teeth and smoothing out their wrinkles and imperfections, uploading their image and sitting back waiting for the hundreds and thousands of “likes” and comments filled with heart-eyed emojis and “#goals!” to come rolling in. The attention these bloggers receive is at a rapid pace, once someone “likes” an image on Instagram, the entirety of that likers followers can see the image on a separate “trending” page which allows the image to spread faster and become further seen by followers of followers.
There are many visual and performance artists that use Instagram as a platform to spread their artistic work and…

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