Phonological Acquisition And Its Acquisition Process Essay

1312 Words Dec 20th, 2016 6 Pages
As we discussed phonological acquisition in bilingual children by reading Tessier chapter 5, and Vihman 2016, I became more curious about bilingual children’s phonological acquisition and its acquisition process. As the discussion of whether the bilingual children have two separate phonological system at the begging or not has been a big question in the study, I wanted to have further reading on that topic. This paper, “Phonological Acquisition in in Bilingual Spanish-English speaking children” by Leah Fabiano-Smith and Brian A. Goldstein assumes that those bilingual children do have two phonological system at least at age of 3 or 4 and determines whether the bilingual children demonstrate the evidence of interaction between two languages, if the children demonstrate the evidence of variation of the acceleration in acquisition in shared sound between two languages due to phonetic similarity, and whether if the sound frequency of occurrence predict high accuracy of shared sounds in the production. One of the reasons why I have chosen this paper is that I thought it was interesting that it talks about the variation of acceleration and effect of frequency of the occurrence of the sound on the accuracy of children’s sound production. There are mainly three significant findings in this paper. First of all, bilingual children demonstrate the separation between their phonological system of two languages as they did not demonstrate the transfer of segment between two languages much,…

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