Philosophy Essay

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This paper will cover the Agnostic, Atheistic, Christian, and Pantheistic views on Evil and why bad things happen to righteous people. The above religious viewpoints will be looked at from a Christian world view to see the differences and rationale behind the thinking.

The subject of if the Christian God is a loving God that wants us to be happy, why does he allow bad things to happen. (incomplete sentence as written, the end of it is phrased as a question, and to what degree is our happiness God’s primary desire?) As a Christian [comma] I look to the book of Job. The book of Job tells the story of a righteous man who was allowed to suffer. The theme and composition of the book
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The (sp) also do not find the Bible to be a book filled with n=only (?) truths. So when engaging them using proof from the Bible is not particularly helpful because they argue that of course the religious text for the religion won’t offer a differing argument. The best manner of discussion is to explain how God wants us choose him through free will and that God will never test us more than we can handle. This point is usually met with derision but in arguments with atheists about religion there is little common ground that can be found on core matters. The pantheist (sing.) believes that the there is one God who is not personal. They (plur. – a noun and its modifying pronoun should agree in number) believe that the all en-compassing God is and they refute the idea of an anthropomorphic god. This allows the pantheist to say that the presence of evil exists because of the duality that is the mind vs the body. The presence of evil is from individuals who have not conquered their primal urges and they believe this conquering of lesser primal urges is only achieved [by?] their achieving a nirvana like state. The most conventional pantheistic religions are Buddhism and Taoism. The main disconnect between the pantheist and Christian is that the Christian believes that God is in everything (?). Pantheism says everything is made up of God. This is a little point with major implications because the Bible goes to great lengths to separate God the creator from God’s

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