Philosophy : Philosophy And Philosophy Essay

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As a student at Richland college, I have never studied philosophy before, and I have heard very bizarre claims about what philosophy is. For that reason, I wanted to take a philosophy class so I can learn more about it. Due to lack of knowledge, I used to think philosophy as involving a kind of mystical significant, sometimes resulting from observing problems without solutions. In addition, sometimes I accustomed that philosophy is nothing more than a name that does nothing more than feelings of personal viewpoints made to seem more clever than they really are. Before registering for the class, I read some articles that have been written by some philosophers and I realized that they make researches which are based in reasons and facts. Since I started taking the class, I understood what philosophy really is.
Philosophy, by meaning is love of wisdom. In a comprehensive sense, philosophy is an activity people assume when they seek to understand basic truths about themselves and the relationships to the worlds and to eachother. Like science, philosophy consists of a number of disciplines such as logic, metaphysics, political and so on that help understand the concept of the course clearly. In my opinion, philosophy is the only way to gain knowledge about the world around you in the sense that it opens your eyes and mind to many different ideas that can neither be proven nor disproven, that what philosophy is. You can believe what you want and as long as you can back it up…

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