Essay about Philosophy - Child Labour

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Philosopher- Ian Paul

Point: Child Labour can be Stopped by Changing International Trade Policies.

-Remaining cases of child labour should be gently taken away following economic improvement

- It should be removed slowly and still provide support for families who need it

-CHILD LABOUR- unicef defines child labour as- ages 5-11 working one hour or more for wages, or twenty-eight hours at home; ages twelve to twenty-four working fourteen hours or more for wages, or twenty-eight hours at home; ages fifteen to seventeen working forty-three hours or more for wages, or at home.

- A working child does not have access to education and proper health care and nutrition and a supportive environment to grow as a productive member of
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- The practice of child labour is wrong because it ignores a child's right to a safe and productive development.
- All children have the right to grow up in safe conditions that are productive to their development. When a child's safety and development are put at risk because of work, this right is denied.
- should spur immediate action.
- This is often not the case because child labour is a necessary part of the global economy. In order to preserve the economic and political status quo, child labour is allowed to exist.
- The elimination of child labour requires immediate global action, and implicates industrialized and developing nations alike.
- If children are put into situations where they cannot learn and develop properly, they cannot become healthy adults.
- detrimental to children as human beings, and detrimental to society, which is denied productive and healthy adults.
- children have worked to support their families and communities. It is only recently in Western industrialized countries that childhood has been defined by leisure and education.
- in Canada this kind of childhood acclimatizes children to societal expectations and norms. It allows children to grow into functioning adults who are able to contribute to society.
- nowhere should this work impede a child's ability to develop.
- sex work, textile manufacturing, and heavy agriculture are not

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