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Assignment 1: Pest of chili, brinjal and long bean and it’s control method. Productivity of vegetable crops are constrain by pest and diseases. The farmers tends to use chemical pesticides to control and protect the plants now days. Basically about 50% of chemical pesticides used for the crops are absorbed by the soil and remain in it. The present of chemical residues affects the environment, food and human being

Pests of Chili and It’s control methods
1. Thrips
• These pest are known as thunder flies. These thrips are found in yellow to black range in colour with tiny pairs of wing around 2mm in length. These pest are mostly found under and upper part of young leaves. Besides leave, these thrips also found on fruit and flower. These thrips
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• This pest are tiny and attack the plants any time during the growing season. These aphids tends to group at the young foliage, flower buds and shoot tips. The liquid excrete by the aphids causes the growth of fungal. If there is any flying insects around the chili plants, then the aphids have laid eggs somewhere the plants. The leaves of the affected plants are normally twisted and results in deformed growth of the chili plants. Control methods
• Natural control of these pests can be done by attracting ladybird beetles and hoverflies by planting flower plants around the chili plants. This is because ladybird beetles and hoverflies are predator of the aphids. We can also spray the infected plants with a washing up liquid solution which is usually enough to get rid of the little critter.

3. Slug and Snail
• Slug and snails are active especially in a damp summer, they can quickly munch through and cause severe damage to the chili plants if not kept in check. Slug and snails damages the leaves, stem and shooting buds. The infected leaves plants open to other infections. Control methods
• The easiest way is just picking up them by hands and dispose them. Farmers can also use anti-slug granules, just scattered them around the
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Otherwise we can organically control the stink bug by the use of insecticidal soap.

2. Corn earworm
• These pests are found in yellow-green to almost black in colour with fine white lines along their body. These corn earworm lay eggs on both upper and lower leaf surfaces. Corn earworm causes damage to the leaves, flower, buds, pods and beans. Control methods
• Application of Bacillus thuringiensis to control insects organically on grown plants. Farmers should monitor plants for eggs and larvae and also natural enemies that could affect the crops.

3. Mexican bean bettle
• Mexican beetle are orange-brown in colour with black spots. These beetle damages the underside with irregular patches which cause the top surface of the leaf to dry out, giving the leaves a lacy appearance. These pest also damages the pods and flower. Control methods
• Insecticidal soap is applied to the infected part of the leaves. Farmers can brush eggs from the leaves or handpick the larvae and adults from the

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