Pessimism In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin The main character of this story is Louise Mallard who has a heart condition. Louise learns that her husband Brently has been killed in a tragic accident and rushes to her room to grieve his loss. As Louise stares out her window and considers her future, she is struck by the realization that she has become free from the oppression her husband provided. Louise comes to accept that she is young and is strangely overcome with a sense of newly found independence. When her sister Josephine asks Louise to leave her room, she reluctantly accepts and joins Josephine downstairs. Once Louise is downstairs she sees he husband Brently enter through the front door. Louise is so overtaken with joy that she immediately …show more content…
The facts we know are that Mr. Mallard is at work because he is feared to have perished on the job. We can also deduce that it is in the afternoon because Mr. Mallard arrives home after work, oblivious to the fact that Louise believes he had died tragically. The entire story takes place in a one-hour window of time.
The mood in "The Story of an Hour" is mostly pessimistic. Louise realizes that she feels shackled by her husband. Her opportunity to reflect on her marriage and life, causes her to be saddened. She ultimately desires freedom and is overjoyed when she comes to the realization that her life could change for the better. Although the tone is sad due to the possible death of her husband, we learn that the real sadness comes from the oppression that Louise feels in her marriage.
The exposition Chopin created, was a true sense of normalcy in this short story. With this normalcy came certain expectations, for example, that the main character Louise had a normal, healthy and loving relationship with her husband Brently. These expectations are destroyed when the true intention and irony of the story is revealed to the reader. Louise in fact, thought that she would actually be happier without her husband and may have died from the dread she felt when Brently appeared at the end of the

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