Persuasive Speech On Endangered Species

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“One does not know how important something is, until it is gone and cannot return.” This could be a reality among us as human beings now. Animals and plants are disappearing at an alarming rate, due to a variety of issues, one of them being humans. What have we done to cause this decline in biodiversity? Humans have been destroying the habitats of species and even affecting climate change. Pollution, human overpopulation, overharvesting are just a few ways threatened and/or endangered species come to exist. Laws in other countries protect endangered species efforts to minimize and forbid hunting and deforestation where these species live. Not everyone is happy with the laws that protect threatened animals. Individuals that own land feel …show more content…
Not every species will respond well to the help, which is why there is the ESA to continue to protect. In order to be proactive about helping an endangered species and their, learning about the endangered species in your area can be a step.
This will help an individual spread the knowledge among friends and family of the wildlife in near area. One can start by visiting parks that have a habitat where species can survive and sustain their numbers, and even volunteering can give a sense of appreciation and effort. What we must keep in mind as the voices of this nation and this planet is that we are the keepers and if there is an imbalance, it is our duty as the human race to keep mother earth healthy.
A 2012 study estimated it would cost $76 billion dollars a year to preserve threatened land animals and cost even more fore marine animals. The United States alone spends billions on defense to protect our country, but will rather spend on defense than education, fair wages, and/or healthcare. As the voice we must make this known and bring this type of attention to our government. In the last century the extinction rate has increased one hundred fold, and mainly because of human consumption. Humans depend on the ecosystem just as much as they are destroying

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