The Importance Of Hitler's Nuremberg Laws

Ever since the end of the Great War, Germany has been slowly undermining the Versailles treaty set by the allies. Recent reports from newspapers and witness have shown that the newly elected Nazi Party have been radically implementing reforms. These reforms demonstrate an imminent idea of aggressions that may threaten the United States of America. Hitler has been introducing ideas of racial superiority in the passage of the Nuremberg’s laws. Along with the Nuremberg laws, the Nazis has also been slowly rearming their military that clearly violate the terms of The Treaty of Versailles. Germany is undergoing a detrimental transformation under Hitler thus the United States must take fast action so that further corruption can be stopped. …show more content…
Foreign intervention would be a catalyst for the dissidents to speak given most of them are censored by the Nazis. There are many Germans who truly don’t believe in Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws, but the society is already too controlled for the citizens to do anything. Citizens like Albert Speer and Leni Riefenstahl have pointed out that the Germans viewed Hitler’s racial policy as campaign rhetoric until the passage of the Nuremberg Laws. Instances where Germans feel intimidated by gestapo can be seen in Sebastian Haffner confrontation with the Nazis. Haffner and his girlfriend Charlie were daunted at the festival when his gestapo reluctantly allows Haffner to leave since he was not a Jew. Many Germans were scared of the reports of citizens who opposed the Nazis being shot or kidnapped. The Hitler Youth have also been infamously wreaking havoc among minorities. This fear of Nazis also is shown in the Hitler Youth. The “Nazi Hooligans” have been terrorizing minorities such as Protestants and continuing to deter resistance against Hitler . The Hitler Youth also majorly don’t face consequence since the judges have already been chose by the Nazis. American intervention is vital since it can give the Germans hope that the United States will provide protection for people that oppose the Nazi regime. American should also request Germany to adapt a more equal law system given the inequality in the judicial system. Traces of Nazi dissidents can be seen throughout Germany but they lack the support of allies and most times drop their opposition since they fear for their lives. The 1933 Jewish boycotts is an example that shows resistance from the Germans, because this is one of the few times the Germans disobeyed Hitler’s orders and believed in their own ideals. Even though the Jewish boycotts were stopped one day after its release, the United

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