Persuasive Essay : Executing The F.

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Executing the F In schools, today’s A’s are C’s and today’s C’s are actually F’s. While many may be shocked to hear so, college students and seniors of high school may be nodding in agreement. Do not be mistaken—this is actually a problem. For some, a passing or failing grade could mean less, but for others, it could mean a high school diploma, two years less of college, or fifty-thousand less of school loans to pay off in the future. Although a change of heart from a teacher could make a difference to an individual this notion actually has a significant effect on the intellectual competence of our nation as a whole and can be detrimental to our posterity. However, the problem does not rest upon our students. Mild bargaining with teachers may not be a crime, the decision to pass a student who does know truly possess the criteria to pass may as well be. The solution to this issue is “flunking,” and articles “What the Education needs is more F’s” by Carl Singleton and “In Praise of the F Word” by Mary Sherry both illustrate the necessity and the influence of flunking students who don’t know the material required to pass a course. Mary Sherry explains the most proper method for disciplining this nation. Singleton merely proposes the brutal distribution of failing grades to prevent pre-maturely intellectual students from being in grades and schools that they are not ready for. The reality of this widespread issue of “semi-literacy” is that education, and even, the…

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