Personality As A Dynamic Process Essay

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Personality basically ascribes to individual differences in terms of characteristic patterns of thinking, as well as with respect to feelings and behavior. It’s primarily based on two broad areas, such as understanding individual differences in relationship to irritability or sociability, and the other aspect is founded on how different parts of an individual come together as a whole (Smith, Baron & Grove, 2014). When an individual’s characteristic pattern thinking and behavior deviates noticeably, particularly from the conventional expectations of his/her culture, or rather is inflexible and pervasive, then the person can be termed as having personal distress or personality disorder. Essentially, maladjustment and the enhancement of healthy personality development can affect the ability of a person to relate to other people (Smith et al., 2014; Greenstein, 2014)
According Sherman, Nave and Funder (2012), personality formation is a dynamic process, and it’s mainly dependent on either the growth or the decline, including the extent to which the magnitude of earlier developmental problems. Nevertheless, some people tend to adjust or adapt their personalities to different situations, such as frustrating situations. The purpose of the paper is to explore personality and adjustment based on adjusting, resolving, and alleviating the personality and adjustment problems. Also, it includes limitations of my adjustment and resolution decisions when it comes to personality and…

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