Personal Reflection Paper On African American Culture

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African Americans share many characteristics, beliefs, and values; however, each individual member of this culture is unique. I was born and raised in a small rural area called Boykins, Virginia in Southampton County. The history of slavery this area dates back to 1831. Slavery’s pivotal role in Southampton County has been recognized by the community, schools, and news reporters. Slavery is embedded in the African American roots. Today, African Americans, including myself, have experience discrimination and acts of racism. Like many African Americans, my personal history involves family, religion, and hardships. This paper explores my recognition of my culture. I have gain insight about my cultural roots, historical events, cultural assumptions within the African American culture. This paper present research and interviews with family member to discuss my personal reflection of the research I have done regarding my cultural identity.
Keywords: African American, family, Christianity, discrimination
Personal History Paper: I Am Her
There are many factors that play a role in developing my beliefs and values. My culture identity has been influenced by where I grew up, family values, and any hardships my family and I faced. Although there are differences within the African American culture and within my family, I value diversity within my culture and family. Majority of my family was born and raised in Boykins, Virginia. I grew up in an area that is known for its history of…

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