Essay about Personal Reflection On Personal Space

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As a fairly passive person, I knew that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and do something I would not normally do; my roommate and I went to Target on a Saturday morning, before it got too crowded, and I decided to intrude on employees and other shopper’s personal space. I went up to the first employee, a young man in his late teens/20s, and asked him where the notebooks were, while standing maybe a half of a foot away from him, making complete eye contact. Immediately he started to back up and was a bit flustered before telling me where to look. According to my roommate who was watching from a distance, he also somewhat raised his hands from his sides, like he was ready to push me away. Another employee, an older woman, took a few steps back as well, and then crossed her arms as if to give me a sign that I should not be so close to her. After getting into those two employees personal spaces, I decided I would try acting deviant around other shoppers, because I did not want all of the employees to talk with each other and realize what I was doing. I walked up to other shoppers and stood very close to them, practically touching shoulders; most of them stepped back, thinking I was trying to pass them, but when I just stood there, they started acting uncomfortable. They all gave me uncomfortable smiles and would not hold my eye contact for very long. Interestingly enough, no one confronted me or asked me what I was doing despite how uncomfortable they looked with my…

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