Essay on Perils Of The Dark, By Rosemary L. Bray

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America was on the trajectory towards cultivating the life of its citizens in the 1960s. Civil right movements were progressing and the government took an interest in providing assistance to those living in poverty. African Americans were benefitting the most from these tremendous amendments. In her memoir, Unafraid of the Dark, Rosemary L. Bray describes in great detail how these changes shaped her adolescent years. Born and raised in Chicago, Bray’s life was molded by being a product of the Roman Catholic Church, a member of the welfare system, and the advancement of the civil rights crusade. In recounting her life story, Bray implores the themes of selflessness, change, and gender.
Bray highlights many instances of selflessness throughout her life. In the beginning of the account, the reader is introduced to Mary Love, mother of five, including Bray. Mary would always put her four kids, whom lived with her and her husband, before herself. When the boiler went out in the house, it was Bray’s mother who would sacrifice her sleep to boil water in order to ensure that the children had hot water to bathe in the morning despite the boiler deficiency. “That someone was always mama” (pg. 4). Many readers would concur that a mother’s selflessness is like no other. Her selfless ways to make sure her kids never went without would be a trait Bray exhibits later in her life. Later on when Bray gets married and lives in Harlem, she invests her time with a young black male named…

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