Essay about Perdue And Green 's The Cherokee Removal

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Perdue and Green’s “The Cherokee Removal, A Brief History with Documents” is an introduction to the social and political period surrounding the removal of Cherokee Indians. The authors’ inclusion of many documents, shares with readers, the Indian voices as well as key political figures’ position on sovereign governance. This complex period is successfully outlined by Perdue and Green, with a chronological account of the Indians’ first encounter with Europeans through the inevitable journey, “Trail of Tears”.

The geographical region disputed in the authors’ text, includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. This land was home to Native Americans hundreds and thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. Cherokee Indians believed the creation of their land happened from a water beetle diving down into the water, where mud could be collected, then brought to the surface to make Earth. They improved the land, building homesteads, hunting for provisions they needed to survive and planting crops. Town houses existed as a place for all members of the settlement to meet and make decisions, collectively on important matters. Over the course of several decades, their lives would change radically with the arrival of Europeans.

Land occupied by Indians and colonists and land believed to be owned by Europeans created a great controversy. “Congress’s approach to the problem rested on the same theories that had governed the diplomats in Paris.…

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