Essay on Pamel Or Virtue Rewarded Is Not At All A Love Story

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Pamela: Or Virtue Rewarded is not at all a love story. A love story is filled with romantic elements displayed by both sides usually accompanied with a rival or issue which holds them apart, a story filled with adoration and bliss, and less of an overwhelming conflict between the two parties. Pamela instead is more of a social commentary on the 18th century cultural and societal strata because of the story focusing very much on her desire to maintain her virtue at the hands of a corrupting force and the social boundaries that Mr. B violates or attempts to break, at the very least. Pamela’s conflict with Mr. B demonstrates the need for the preservation of the self through her one true valuable asset in her virtue, which empowers her by emphasizing her individuality in the face of dehumanization at the hands of attempted rape. Therefore, the attraction she feels towards Mr. B at the end of Volume I stems from a twisted form of attachment that she has to Mr. B after having grown accustomed to over a long period of time to his abusive affections in a form of Stockholm syndrome.
The romantic aspects of Pamela are sorely lacking in every aspect as Pamela seems reluctant to reciprocate Mr. B’s affections and suffer immensely at the hands of his abuse according to her own account to her parents. Mr. B’s initial obsession with Pamela borders psychotic as he goes so far as to steal the letters she sends to her parents. Pamela recalls in Letter X “I have not been idle; but had writ…

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