Pablo Picasso : Artist Of The 20th Century Essay

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Picasso was not only a very interesting man but he was also one of the most revolutionary artist of the early 20th century. He was considered a prodigy and a pioneer in the art world from a very young age, and continued to shape the art scene throughout his entire life.
Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 in Málaga, on the coast of Spain. His mother was Dona Maria Picasso y Lopez and his Father was Don José Ruiz Blasco. Picasso came from a modest background, his father supported the family by working as a drawing teacher at the local art school. Picasso’s artistic talent was discovered by his father at a very young age, and his father would even sometimes ask him to finish paintings for him. By the time that Pablo was a teenager his artistic talent had already long surpassed his fathers.
At age 16 Picasso moved to Madrid so that he could attend The Royal Academy of San Fernando. He quickly became bored with the school’s classical artistic teachings and even at this young age he knew that he was interested in something that was different from the norm. Two years later he moved to Barcelona where he became involved with a group of radical artists and began down the path towards his own innovative artistic style.
If we examine earlier works from Picasso such as “Portrait of the Mother of the Artist,” which he painted at the age of 15, we can see how realistic the work is without even a hint of abstract expressionism. He created several other family…

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