Essay on Oz Business Proposal

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O.z. Beer Room
Pedro Perez
Marketing Management
Professor Lynne Pryor

O.z. will be a brewery mixed with a food truck experience located in Midtown Miami, FL with a rapidly emerging brand and growing customer base. O.z. will provide its customers with a mixed selection of food truck cuisine. In addition to offering different food varieties Oz. will offers something new to the South Florida area a brewery and beer tasting room where each individual can pour their own beer selection.
O.z. will brew their own signature beer as well as offer beers from several microbreweries from across the country. The beer tasting room allows customers to enter the room and be issued a charge card. This card will allow
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This area is currently has inexpensive rent for a big space and caters to a bohemian artistic type population. Taking into account the demographics of the area where O.z. will be located, the company will focus on catering to a young crowd and provide food and beer at and affordable price for them to afford.
Because O.z. will also have food trucks, it is capable of also attracting foodies to the establishment. The other bars in the area do not offer food, which gives O.z. a competitive edge over the other bars. This is an opportunity to offer customers a bar environment where they do not have to leave the facility to eat.
The main market for O.z. will be men and women from the ages of 21 to 35. The median income for individuals under 25 in the area is $21,360 and for individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 is $34,511. Taking into account the median income, O.z. will focus on offering daily specials and happy hours to be able to attract individuals from the local age group. The majority of the population living in this area is single; therefore, the majority of customers will be single individuals. O.z. will offer family days on Sunday so families have the opportunity to experience the beer room in a more family oriented environment.
The warehouse style bars are growing fast in this area. The music and art festivals in the area bring in people tend to leave after the event is over due to the lack of entertain businesses in the area.

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