Oscar Wilde 's Life Was Influenced By His Literal Works Essay

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Jerusha McCormack discusses in her critical essay ‘Wilde’s fiction(s)’ the different ways in which Oscar Wilde’s life was influenced by his literal works, as well as how his works have had an impact in his life, especially the trials about his sexuality which led to his imprisonment. The essay is separated into seven parts. Each of these parts show themes of Dandyism and Wilde’s homosexuality. There is also an ongoing theme of duality throughout the essay, in Wilde’s mixed origin of being equally English and Irish and his conflict between oral and literary works. McCormack shows how these points were used in Wilde’s trial to sentence him guilty and led to his imprisonment.
I am summarising and responding to the essay according to the seven parts it is separated in, concentrating on the points McCormack makes on Dandyism and Wilde’s homosexuality. She begins her essay with the untitled introduction (P 96 – 97). Here, McCormack first mentions the duality of Wilde’s nationality. She shows the conflict that Wilde felt about not fitting into either of these nationalities, as they were highly contrasting at the time of the mid- to late 19th century. He identified both with the “[…] aristocrat, leisured, extravagant […]” (McCormack, P 96) characteristics of an Englishman as well as the “[…] lazy, improvident […] and witty [..]” stereotype of the Irish. This constantly changing performance of exaggerated personalities led to Wilde’s Dandyism: his actions and words had impact on…

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