Orphan Trains : Child Welfare And The Method Essay

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Orphan Trains
The main point of the documentary on orphan trains is child welfare and the method that was used in 1859 where children from an urban city that were homeless and poor were gathered up and put in homes and the idea of Charles Lauren Brace was to put them on a train and find good farming Christian families from the western states to raise these children. Some of the misconceptions that were faced with this idea was that the child will be better off in the homes that they are placed in, but, that was not true because, in some instances the child would run away or in some cases was killed by the families they were placed in.
In most cases, the idea was successful because, the program produced two state governors, but, there was stigmatism for the children who were known to be adopted in the community they were placed in. The documentary also mentioned that the movement created organization such as the Children’s Aid Society, Children’s Village, and the New York Founding Hospital. Children Aid Society and the orphan train was responsible for over 200,000 adoptions from 1959 to 1929.
Citizenship Theory
The citizen theories applied in this documentary are exclusion, because, of the stigmatism the children receive from the community which keep the children from having social citizenship as well. Also, the organizations believe it is their collective responsibility as Christians to gather the children and despite the individual rights of the children find them foster…

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