Synthesis Of Cadmium Nitra-Hydrate Lab Report

Destin Briggs
Lu Jack
Chem 4235
Original Synthesis of Cadmium Nitrate Tetra-Hydrate
Cadmium nitrate tetra-Hydrate is an inorganic compound from the family of compounds with the general formula Cd (NO3)2.XH20, where X=4, hence the molecule has four molecules of water of crystallization in its structure. It exists as a salt but in its anhydrous state, it is known to be a volatile substance. It is a colorless substance as are all the compounds in the family of cadmium nitrates. Cadmium nitrate is a colorless, crystalline, inorganic compound that forms the toxic fumes produced when cadmium oxides are heated. It is an odorless white solid that is more dense than water.
Cadmium nitrate is prepared by first dissolving the metal cadmium or its oxide, carbonate, hydroxide in nitric acid them immediately
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the mixture is then heated to a temperature of about fifty degrees Celsius, and 100g of fine powders of antimony sulfide are added in small amounts periodically to the heated mixture. After all of the crystals of antimony sulfide have been added to the mixture and evolution of hydrogen sulfide has subsided, the temperatures are adjusted to higher levels gradually until the resultant solution starts to boil (Karl‐Heinz and Magnus 20).
It is left to boil for an hour, adding boiling water periodically as it evaporates which keeps the flask contents at a constant level of about 500ml. after this, the solution is transferred to an evaporating basin and hot water added to a level where the solution appears as a very slight permanent turbid solution. The substance is then left boiling for five more minutes, filtered, then given time to flow into a larger vessel containing twenty liters of very cold water for cooling purposes (Karl‐Heinz and Magnus

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