Organization Change Management : Lewin 's Dynamic Stability Model

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Organization Change management – Lewin’s Dynamic Stability Model
Organization change management:
Change, in general, is an act of becoming different from the present stage to expected stage. In organization also the definition of change does not much differ then what we generally think. So, organization change management is moving or taking the people working in that organization from their current stage through some of the transition to the new state. It is often seen that organization has two parts. One part is hard part and other is the soft part. Hard part consists of: requirements, stories, technology, system, processes etc. and soft part consists of: dealing with people ideas, fears, excitement, resistance, attitudes etc. While doing the change management process it is the soft part that resists changing to the new thing. In fact the hard part which seems hard is easy to change and the soft part which seems easy is rather difficult to change, I have already discussed the reason behind this, that it is that soft part that resist to change because there is emotion attached to it. (For instance I would like to take my personal example , When I was in 1st semester of my undergrad school, I used to use computer to do my assignments. I used to use windows 98 operating system at that time (it was in the year 2005-2006). One day my dad in my absence just upgraded the whole windows operating system into XP. When I came home and saw the change in my computer I was…

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