Organ Of Organ Donation Procedures Essay

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An organ donation is defined as a transplant that can be a surgical or nonsurgical procedure that takes an organ from a donor and replaces the damaged or failing organ with a new one, but it is much more than that (Ethics of Organ Transplantation 5). An organ donation allows someone another chance at life (The Gift of a Lifetime 1). For someone to be able to receive an organ transplant, he has to be put on the organ donation list. Patients are first evaluated by a physician from a hospital that performs organ donation procedures. The name of the patient is then put into the national computer system database that contains information of every patient in need of a new organ. When a donor dies or voluntarily donates, their information is put into the computer system to search for candidates that match the donor (Ethics of Organ Transplantation 6). The computer generates a “list” of patients. Due to the differences of someone 's blood, cell, and tissue type, each “list” is different with each new donor (The Gift of a Lifetime 1).Non-medical factors such as the amount of time the patient has waited, life expectancy, benefits, and the severity of the necessity of an organ are taken into consideration (Understanding the Organ Transplant Waiting List 1). The least amount of time from the donor to the patient allows for the most successful outcome because there is a less possibility of problems to occur throughout the procedure (The Gift of a Lifetime 2). Therefore, organs are…

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