Orange By Quentin Tarantino: Film Analysis

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In the year nineteen hundred and ninety two the widely unknown and obscure movie director Quentin Tarantino created the movie that really brought him to fame. The movie is about what happened before and after a simple jewelry store heist that went horribly wrong.
At the beginning of the film it starts with the eight men eating breakfast in a diner in Los Angeles before the diamond heist they planned out. They are led by the mob boss Joe Cabot and his son, the underboss, Eddie “Nice Guy” Cabot. The other remaining six men do not know each other and are given aliases in order so that they know nothing about each other so they cannot rat to the police if they are caught. We do not really know what happens explicitly but it can be inferred
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Orange tries to explain that Blonde was going to kill them all and take the diamonds for himself, which Eddie shoots down by telling the story about Blondes time in prison. Orange tries to backtrack but to no avail that makes Eddie angrier and he shoots the kidnapped cop three times killing him. The leader of the heist, Joe, arrives and informs the group of the Mr. Blues’ death and saying without a doubt that Orange is a police informant. This final nail causes all the men to turn on each other and in the end, Eddie and Joe are dead, White is severely injured and Orange is gravely injured. Pink escaped with the loot due to him hiding when the shooting began and whist Orange was dying White held him in his arms. Orange finally tells White that he is, in fact, a policeman which completely breaks White. This leads to White pointing his gun at Oranges head and as the cops bust in, commanding him to put it down. He refuses the order and shoots Orange which in turn causes the cops to shoot White as the movie …show more content…
Orange was a sort of police informant. Police informants typically are someone who can be trusted by the criminal and by the police, relaying information to the authorities. Sometimes, however, they can be police officers themselves trying to catch the criminal without the worry of the informant getting spooked and halting the flow of information. He posed as a criminal in order to get inside the ring to which he was able to gather information and tell the rest of the police. This is true there are police officers that pretend to be a criminal in order to catch one such as Sam Panchal and Bobby Hom in the book Bravehearts by Cynthia Brown. They posed as other criminals in order to catch the real criminal doing something illegal.
The movie has clearly shown the criminal act. Well it is not shown in the movie but the results are shown and the story is told. This is tricky because they can be something and not get arrested but it is the doing that gets them locked up. If there was no deaths or valuables shown at all they could not be arrested because just like some people on TV, they say they are a drug user they cannot get arrested, they can however be investigated in order to arrest them but they cannot on the statement

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