Oedipus The King: The Ideal Tragic Hero

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According to Aristotle, a tragic hero is a person with noble status who processes greatness. The tragic hero ought to incur tragedy as a result of the mistake he had made; the mistake is either knowingly or unwittingly. Some characteristics of a tragic hero are that his fate is doomed from the beginning. The tragic hero discovers his destiny by his actions, he is usually a leader, and his suffering always has a purpose, his downfall is due to excessive pride, and a tragic flaw is what often leads to the hero’s downfall. Oedipus is the ideal tragic hero because he satisfies the role of tragedy and stimulates fear and sympathy at the highest level. Oedipus is a man with no clear vision that enables him to examine every angle of a matter with clear sight, and see all things in due perspective. His purposes are good, his emotions, thoughts and even his errors, have a zealous generosity that moves readers sincerely.

"Oedipus the victim of a family curse inherited from his father, Laius, who had raped a young boy and inaugurated pederasty among humans. The boy’s father, Pelops (for whom the Peloponnesus is named), had made the suitable wish that Laius would either have no son or be destroyed by the son he had"(). Other versions ( Oedipus Rex) states that Oedipus was born to King Laius and Queen Jocasta. King
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His disregard of the Oracles' warning and lack of understanding, leads to events in Thebes. Oedipus' presumption, pride, and overconfidence in his intellect led to his belief that he could conquer destiny; it also contributed to his downfall thus making him a tragic hero. The moral of the story is that one cannot deceive or run away from fate. If fate is decreed, it must be fulfilled no matter how it plays out. Oedipus determination for the truth about the Kings killer compelled him to learn about his own fate. Thus, he was doomed to condemn himself to the very fate that we are trying to

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