Oedipus The King: An Analysis

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The story of Oedipus the king is gloomy, yet captivating. Going from a child bond around the feet and abandon by the mountainside, to marrying his mother, his story is intriguing. In search of the truth about the prophecy and putting an end to a plague Oedipus search for king Laius’s killer.
Leaving him to die at mountainside with his foot slice and tie as an infant for the reason of killing the prophecy said about him when he was born, his mother and father abandon him. A shepherd who finds the child, give him to the King and queen of Corinth, where they raise him as their own son and give him the name Oedipus, meaning swollen feet. “I pitied the little baby, master, hoped he’d take him off to his own country, far away, but he saved him
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Notwithstanding he did nothing to find out his real identity instead; he continues his ruling as a king, with which the people of Thebes suffered a plague because of his wrongdoings and the killing of his father (Laius). According to Barnet, Burto and Cain (2011), there were numberless deaths in Thebes, “Death, so many deaths, numberless deaths on deaths, no end-/Thebes is dying, look, her children stripped of pity…/generation strewn on the ground” (p. 1105). However, the king who cares about the well-being of his people thought it wise to bring Laius killer to justice to stop the plague, not realizing the old man he kills was he. “Apollo, friends, Apollo-/ he ordained my agonies-these, my pains on pains! / But the hand that struck my eyes was mine, mine alone-no one else- / I did it all myself! / What good were eyes to me? / Nothing I could see could bring me joy” (p. 1135).
The story of Oedipus is extremely rare in many ways. From a startling prophecy about the life of King Laius and his family to the plague brought upon the land, the story of Oedipus Rex is intriguing. As a tragic hero, there were many errors made by Oedipus, causing his downfall since he ignores the prophecy, kill his father and marries his mother. Likewise being a proud and self-righteous king, he did not listen to the prophets or messengers since he believes he knew it

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