Ocean Princess : A Brand New Slot Game Essay

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Ocean Princess

Here comes Playtech once again, as they have a brand new slot game release ready to unveil. A little different to the rest of their traditional three reel slot games, Ocean Princess offer five rows, which increases the chances of winning for the player. Playtech are well known for their varied gaming types, but clearly have a penchant for what’s modern these days. Showing that they have the power to transport players to a world of fantasy, enter Ocean Princess.

Set amidst the deep blue sea, does Ocean Princess carry the true stamp of slots royalty?

The head that fits the crown

A fantasy underwater scenario is offered in the form of Ocean Princess, with the game presented in blues and with the use of underwater symbols, such as seahorses, crabs, turtles, and more. The graphics are not the most modern out there, but don’t the immediately discount Ocean Princess for this reason, as they allow the player to feel as though they are part of an underwater scenario, creating a really well rounded theme. Slightly dated they might be, but the visual aspects of certainly work wonders when it comes to setting the tone.

Delve beneath the depths

The wagering options when play Ocean Princess are not the most expansive, but this makes it the perfect game for someone is wanting to play a relaxed game with minimal immediate risk. The highest bet that can be placed is $5 per line, which when playing all five payout lines, is a maximum of $25 per spin. Although this may…

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