Essay on Obesity Is A Major Health Crisis

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Think about the future. What food we take in or exercise we do will affect us later on in life. Obesity has increased majorly in the past few years. "According to Fat Politics" :The Real Story Behind America 's Obesity Epidemic, "Our government is telling us that obesity is a major health crisis, that sixty percent of Americans are overweight, and that one in four is obese."(Oliver) Eating healthier food will help control and lower the chances of obesity. Secondly, physical activity is also very important aspect to reduce the chance of becoming overweight or obese. If you don 't eat healthy foods or don 't get the right amount of physical activity regularly, you could obtain the chance of having health problem. These three reason are why people are becoming obese. Why are people not looking at what is entering their body? According to "Obesity," "The most recent Health Survey for England, indicates that almost a quarter of adults are obese.3 In adults combined rates of overweight and obesity are high (57% of women and 66% of men); indicating that less than 50% of the adult population has a BMI below 25. In children the results are just as worrying, with, 16% of boys and 15% of girls aged 2-15 years being classed as obese"(Lake 1). We need to take the best care of our bodies; we only get one chance. As well as having a daily routine of exercise, everyone needs to eat a healthy meal. Having a well balanced diet will give you the energy you need. In the video "Super Size Me,"…

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