Nursing Assignment : Geriatric Assignment Essay

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Geriatric Assignment: Patient O.G
The patient is a seventy-year-old female of Hispanic origin. O.G consent is available through appendices A. She is currently widowed. Husband died of a gunshot wound in 2000. The patient was born in Guatemala and came to the United States around the age of thirty. Her main language is Spanish but does understand and speaks English. For education the patient stopped going to school at age 8 during second grade, when she was taken out of school to help her mother with house work which is common in those parts of the world. She has a total of six children all living at least a 25-mile radius from her except for two daughters she left behind in Guatemala. The patient lives a single home house with her oldest daughter and her two grandchildren. Mrs. G. is still currently working, usually 2-3 days a week and 5-8 hours each day. She lives a simple life from working to coming home and enjoying some quality time with her grandchildren she states.
Her chief complaint when interviewing her was an acute headache but other than that she was feeling perfectly fine she described. Acetaminophen brand Tylenol is the medication the patient takes when she experiences acute headaches her which helps alleviate the pain which she rates on a scale of 1-10 as 2 and 3 when at worst. As a child Mrs. G never had any health problems until five years ago, 2011, when she was hospitalized for symptoms of dizziness and fatigue. She was then diagnosed with type 2…

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