Nuclear Weapons Vs. Conventional Forces Essay

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Vietnam, which had a similar storyline as Korea. To fend off communist expansion, the US fought in Vietnam while the Soviet Union provided arms for the North Vietnamese. Once again, in the big picture, the fight was not between North and South Vietnam but rather between the US and Soviet Union. Afghanistan was also a strategic location in which the two major powers fought for the influence. While the US did not see value in expanding their influence to Afghanistan, they saw value in thwarting Soviet attempts at spreading communism to that region. Similar to the way the Soviets provided arms to North Korea and North Vietnam, the US provided arms to the Mujahideen and other rebel groups in Afghanistan to sabotage the Soviets. Even without a direct struggle between these two powers, they were still able to deliver heavy blows to one another through these proxy wars.
Nuclear Weapons v. Conventional Forces The US victory over Japan in WWII demonstrated the decisive victory that can be attained by the use of nuclear weapons. The US was able to defeat Japan without defeating their conventional military forces. While this landmark case did not make conventional forces obsolete, it did increase the incentive for states to invest in nuclear technology rather than conventional military power. The creation of nuclear weapons inevitably led to the proliferation of these weapons. States who were not in possession of nuclear weapons were at the mercy of nuclear armed states…

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