Essay about Notes On Unemployment And Unemployment

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This paper has discussed the meaning of political communication and what is the O-S-R-O-R model and its meaning in political communication. I transition into an instance in life that present my topic of unemployment benefits and unemployment in general. Then I present an overview of unemployment benefits and meaning. Next, I write about how unemployment benefits and unemployment relates to the O-S-R-O-R model in politics. I also discussed how it is portrayed and relayed in the media and what the public things about it along with what the government information that is given. In it I discussed how unemployment and unemployment benefits relates to Mississippi and how the rates of unemployment are high and how the need the unemployment benefits are important, but the requirements that are needed to receive them. I have discovered that unemployment in general is still high in the United States and some states are higher than others. Mississippi, although not the highest, is still high in unemployment and have many reasons to keep unemployment benefits in fact because of the absence of jobs. I did not discuss some reasons behind that, but two ideas to consider as to why would be is it because of the people, the limited amount of resources, or both. One would argue the people because people either do did not complete high school, have high school education but no college, or have college education and limited to no training. So would the people be at fault for not having the…

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