Notes From The Underground By Fyodor Dostoyevsky Essay

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We all are, in a sense between Netflix and work, arbitrary creatures subjugated by society 's “free will” and capitalistic doctrines. Without careful introspection, we overlook the mental distance between our oughts and our wants as we slowly lose control over our lives. Most peoplesee the onslaught of individual will by our highly demanding, hierarchical, and intelligence-oriented society, but are unable to act against it. It is a lost cause, or rather a triumphant one, that despite scholastic indoctrinations and stigmatizing education, most of us are still not reduced to one dimensional thinking and stifled emotions. The constant imbalance between our emotional desires and social expectations is much like the idea of sex in a catholic school – it 's not supposed to exist, but once you present it to your mind 's eye, you realize it 's everywhere. Fyodor Dostoyevsky hence becomes an iconic literary master. His novel “Notes from the Underground” portrays an amoral and self-conflicting character who indeed lives in everyone at some point of their lives. In “Notes”, Dostoveysky deliberately, and quite playfully (though that 'playfulness ' presents itself more as a suicidal tendency than anything else) denotes the ambiguity of absolutism in face of the irrational human nature. Using a fictional, lonely, and deranged personality as the narrating voice of the novel, Dostoyevsky contrives nonsensical inner dialogues to present common human angst in a carefully calculated world.…

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