Not Like Father Never Like Daughter : An Analysis Of Shakespeare 's King Lear

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Not Like Father Not Like Daughter: An Analysis of Shakespeare’s “King Lear”
William Shakespeare is the father of playwriting and is one of the most famous people in English Literature. He was known to break and create boundaries; such as in his other works Romeo and Juliet, he exposed the monarchy and explains that love has no bounds. One must understand the historical background of William Shakespeare’s play “King Lear”, to comprehend King Lear and Cordelia reversed roles as parent and child.
Shakespeare wrote “King Lear” about a father who divided his kingdom among his three daughters based on who “loved” him the most. The play also includes the family of Gloucester, including Edmund and Edgar among the chaos of King Lear. The play was written in 1603 during the same year the public lawsuit of Sir Brian Annesley vs his two daughters. Sir Annesley claimed to be insane therefore allowing his daughters to take over his estate (which is later explained). However, his youngest daughter protested for her father behalf to maintain the estate. The youngest daughter was named Cordell, though in Shakespeare’s “King Lear” the youngest daughter is named Cordelia (Shakespeare 1251).
However, David Bevington argues that the historical context was not about a public lawsuit but about the James VI of Scotland and England in dividing the country properly. Bevington also believed that Shakespeare uses his influence and wit to create the plays “King Lear” and “Henry VI” in demonstrating the…

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