Not Girls The Characters Make Up A Burn Essay

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In recent years bullies have found new tools because of the Internet. In the fictional movie Mean Girls the characters make up a burn-book where they write awful things in it about other classmates and pass it around the school as a way to bully and humiliate their peer. The modern-day version of this is the “burn page” made through Facebook on the Internet. In this iteration students make a Facebook page that other classmates join to disparage a peer. In 2011 sixteen-year-old Taylor Wynn and fifteen-year-old McKenzie Barker cyber stalked a classmate by creating a Facebook burn page. They put their classmate’s head on a nude prepubescent girl’s body and added comments like, “I am a member of the itty Bitty Titty Comitty” (Mandell, 2011). The two teenagers were jailed on felony aggravated stalker charges for their harassment of their classmate. Although adults often have no idea of these burn pages, seventy-five percent of teenagers have visited a web site that 's sole purpose is to bash another teen (Madden, 2013). Another negative aspect of the Internet is the amount of resources available at the touch of a finger. In the case of burn pages, I did a simple Google search and was able to instantly find a wikihow page titled “How to Create a Burn Book” (Wikihow, 2016). The most famous burn page on the Internet was the Portsmouth Burn page that was created by an eleven-year-old girl. It had one-hundred-seventy-eight pages of “deeply unpleasant stuff” – most of it…

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