Norway Flag Research Paper

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1. The Norway flag was taken up on July 17, 1821, the flag was based on the Danish flag. The Danish flag has a red background with a white cross in the middle; the Swedish flag is blue with a yellow cross on it. The reason why the Norwegian flag is almost the exact same as the Danish flag is because Norway was ruled by Denmark for 400 years and the reason for the blue cross is Sweden was in a union with Norway from 1844 until 1898.

2. In Norway the winters can snow exquisite amounts; in some places it can have snow up to 20 ft. on the ground. In Fjordane County it has an annual precipitation of 3575 mm (140 in.) that is an average of almost 10 mm a day (.4 in.).

3. Norway is amazing at winter sports. Since Norway has been in the Winter Olympics, they have won 107 gold medals, 121 silver medals, and 99 bronze medals. Norway has the most gold medals out of everyone that has participated in the Winter Olympics. They have been participating in the Olympics since; they have also held the Winter Olympics twice, once in Oslo, 1959 and Lillehammer, 1994. Recently Oslo rejected the 2022 Winter Olympics due the chance of losing a major amount of money.

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The Atlantic Road, built in 1989, in Norway hops islands on their West Coast. The road is an eight kilometer bridge that goes from Vevang to Kårvåg, two cities in Norway; the islands are used like towers to hold the road up from off the surface of the ocean. There are many animals that you can see if you are on the Atlantic Road, occasionally whales come close enough to the bridge that you can see along with birds and seals.

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