Essay on Norma Rae : Movie Analysis

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Norma Rae: Movie Analysis The American labor movement has changed considerably since its inception, trying to find the most effective way to achieve its mission for American workers. After a struggle between those who favored a labor political party and those who preferred the business union, the most success was attained through pragmatic attempts of early leaders. By working within the current economic system, these leaders found success advocating for the improvement of member working conditions, benefits, and wages. While many factors have contributed to a steady decline in union membership, the story of Norma Rae demonstrates a quintessential labor union success story. Through the lens of the movie, the following analysis will provide an overview of the working conditions and motives of employees that lead to organization, the national and local union relationship, appropriate and effective employer responses, and the future of labor unions in America.
Norma Rae: Summary Early organizers made robust progress organizing the industrial workforce, including textile firms similar to the O.P. Henley Textile Mill. The O.P. Henley Textile Mill was one of the few remaining non-union textile mills of the late 1970’s when union organizer, Reuben Warshovsky of the Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA), shows up with the difficult task of organizing the mill. Previous attempts by the TWUA had failed and the general sentiment of the workers, townspeople, and city…

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